2007 ver­öf­fent­lich­te Donald Trump zusam­men mit Bill Zaner ein Buch mit dem Titel: “Think Big and Kick Ass in Busi­ness and Life”, ein Jahr spä­ter etwas zen­siert “Think big and make it hap­pen in Busi­ness and Life.” Es beginnt mit einer Art Quiz, mit dem man fest­stel­len kann, wie “tough” man ist, um sich in der Gesell­schaft als Alpha-Tier durchzusetzen.

Fra­ge 12 lau­te­te: Was ist ihre Ein­stel­lung zu Menschen?
Donald Trump: “Die Welt ist ein bös­ar­ti­ger und bru­ta­ler Ort. Wir den­ken, wir sind zivi­li­siert. In Wahr­heit ist es eine grau­sa­me Welt und die Men­schen sind rück­sichts­los. Sie tun so, als wären sie nett zu dir, aber unter der Ober­flä­che sind sie dar­auf aus, dich zu töten … Sogar dei­ne Freun­de sind dar­auf aus, dich zu krie­gen: Sie wol­len dei­nen Job, sie wol­len dein Haus, sie wol­len dein Geld, sie wol­len dei­ne Frau und sie wol­len sogar dei­nen Hund. Das sind dei­ne Freun­de; dei­ne Fein­de sind noch schlimmer!”

Fra­ge 13: Wenn jemand Sie oder Ihren Ruf absicht­lich schä­digt, wie reagie­ren Sie dann?
Donald Trump: Wenn Ihnen jemand in die Que­re kommt, lau­tet mein Rat: “Rächen Sie sich!” Das ist kein typi­scher Rat­schlag, aber es ist ein Rat­schlag aus dem wirk­li­chen Leben. Wenn Sie sich nicht rächen, sind Sie nur ein Trot­tel! … Ich lie­be es, mich zu rächen. Ich wer­de die gan­ze Zeit ver­arscht. Ich ver­fol­ge die Leu­te, und weißt du was? Die Leu­te spie­len mit mir nicht so viel her­um wie mit ande­ren. Sie wis­sen, wenn sie das tun, gibt’s einen gro­ßen Kampf. Ich räche mich immer. Ver­fol­ge die Leu­te, die dich ver­fol­gen. … Schla­gen Sie immer zurück und rech­nen Sie immer ab. Es ist ein Dschun­gel da drau­ßen, gefüllt mit Tyran­nen aller Art, die ver­su­chen wer­den, Sie her­um­zu­schub­sen. Wenn Sie Angst haben, sich zu weh­ren, wer­den die Leu­te Sie für einen Ver­lie­rer hal­ten, einen “Trot­tel”! … Kämp­fen Sie immer zurück und zah­len Sie es ihnen heim. Die Leu­te wer­den Sie dafür respektieren.”

Es gibt kei­nen bes­se­ren Beweis, dass Trump die­se Welt­sicht und sei­ne Hal­tung Mit­men­schen gegen­über auch als Prä­si­dent der Ver­ei­nig­ten Staa­ten unver­än­dert bei­be­hielt, als die von der NYT fein säu­ber­lich alpha­be­tisch auf­ge­li­ste­ten Tweets. Es sind 133 Sei­ten! Allein der Buch­sta­be “B” ent­hält 67 Angriffsziele.

Schau­en wir uns doch mal die Tweets zu Joe Biden an:
“Fake Pre­si­dent!” “lying,” “a total dis­a­ster in hand­ling the H1N1 Swi­ne Flu,” “would do a ter­ri­ble job of Vac­ci­ne deli­very,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an who SOLD OUT Michi­gan to CHINA,” “the living embo­di­ment of the decrepit and depra­ved poli­ti­cal class,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “bought and paid for by Chi­na!” “Slee­py Joe,” “betray­ed His­pa­nic-Ame­ri­cans,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a pathe­tic laug­hing stock,” “didn’t know what he was doing!” “bought and paid for,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an who SOLD OUT Penn­syl­va­nia,” “pro­mi­sing to delay the vac­ci­ne and turn Ame­ri­ca into a pri­son sta­te,” “A vote for Biden is a vote for Lock­downs, Lay­offs and Mise­ry,” “a dis­a­ster,” “Slee­py Joe,” “did a very POOR job of hand­ling H1N1 Swi­ne Flu, yet all he talks about is Covid, Covid, Covid, like he would actual­ly know what he is doing,” “The only peop­le who’ve benefi­ted from his poli­ci­es are hims­elf & his fami­ly,” “shows up every 4 years, and then goes back to D.C. and caters to his spe­cial inte­rests,” “the can­di­da­te of rio­ters, loo­ters, arso­nists, gun-grab­bers, flag-bur­ners, Mar­xists, lob­by­ists, and spe­cial inte­rests,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “has done not­hing but betray you for 47 long years,” “He will stab you in the back,” “only cares about poli­ti­cal power,” “pro­fi­ted from the mise­ry he unleas­hed,” “Slee­py Joe,” “He has NO clue!!” “will destroy the United Sta­tes Supre­me Court,” “Slee­py Joe,” “would lock us down fore­ver,” “a die­hard glo­ba­list who cares not­hing for working peop­le,” “At every turn, Biden twi­sted his kni­fe into the back of Michi­gan workers,” “speech is 90% made up sto­ries and lies,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “Biden will make you a pri­so­ner in your own home,” “Joe is lost!” “Slee­py Joe,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “If Biden Wins, Chi­na Wins,” “Slee­py Joe!” “Cor­rup­ti­on!” “If you vote for Biden, your kids will not be in school, the­re will be no gra­dua­tions, no wed­dings, no Thanks­gi­ving, no Christ­mas, and no Fourth of July!” “Slee­py Joe,” “got lost in a ‘men­tal fog’,” “A dis­a­ster,” “FAILED BADLY,” “He knows not­hing,” “All talk and no action!” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “If Biden wins, Chi­na will OWN the USA,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “he’s COMPROMISED,” “cor­rup­ti­on,” “didn’t have a clue!” “Slee­py Joe,” “total­ly cor­rupt,” “Slee­py Joe,” “the living embo­di­ment of the cor­rupt poli­ti­cal class that enri­ched its­elf while drai­ning the eco­no­mic life and soul from our Coun­try,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a CORRUPT POLITICIAN!!!” “Cor­rupt,” “makes Croo­ked Hil­la­ry look like an ama­teur!” “SLEEPY JOE,” “real­ly bad inter­view,” “Slee­py Joe,” “very bad sho­wing last night,” “Slee­py Joe,” “He’s always been a cor­rupt poli­ti­ci­an,” “Dis­grace­ful!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “cor­rupt,” “has never been a nice or kind guy,” “obvious & rapid­ly get­ting worse ‘demen­tia’,” “unac­cep­ta­ble for USA!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “very dumb,” “fool,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “He has Zero to say!!!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “A com­ple­te and total dis­a­ster,” “let the Uni­ons down,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a man who is total­ly unqua­lified to be your Pre­si­dent,” “a PUPPET of CASTRO-CHAVISTAS,” “weak on socia­lism,” “Slee­py Joe is out of it!!!” “LIED,” “ALL TALK!” “a dis­a­ster,” “didn’t have a clue,” “a man that should NEVER be pre­si­dent,” “Slee­py Joe!” “He’s been a wacko for years,” “very low IQ,” “SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN,” “47 years of lies, 47 years of betra­yals, and 47 years of fail­u­re,” “too weak to lead this Coun­try!” “Slee­py Joe,” “WEAK Lea­dership!” “Nobo­dy wants Slee­py Joe as a lea­der,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL,” “John McCain’s lap­dog,” “Slee­py Joe!” “Slee­py Joe,” “wants to qua­dru­p­le your taxes,” “If Biden Wins, the mob WINS,” “If Biden Wins, the rio­ters, anar­chists, arso­nists, and flag-bur­ners WIN,” “No one has been more wrong, more often,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “betray­ed Scran­ton, and Ame­ri­ca,” “a cor­rupt glo­ba­list sell­out who never mis­sed a chan­ce to stab Ame­ri­can workers in the back,” “slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Weak, Tired, and Slee­py,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Joe sleeps in his base­ment,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Pathe­tic Joe,” “does not BELIEVE in our Coun­try,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “spent 47 years in poli­tics being ter­ri­ble to His­pa­nics,” “Slee­py Joe,” “will rai­se your taxes and DESTROY our Coun­try!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Agen­da is Made in Chi­na,” “Slee­py Joe,” “doesn’t have a clue!” “(FAKE) can­di­da­te,” “Sad!” “Base­ment Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe’s,” “a very Slee­py per­son,” “Slee­py Joe,” “doesn’t have a clue,” “so bad for the USA!” “Joe Hiden’,” “Slee­py Joe Hiden’,” “sits back in his base­ment and cri­ti­ci­zes every move we make,” “Joe Hiden’,” “has com­ple­te­ly lost con­trol,” “bad record!” “a Low Ener­gy Can­di­da­te the likes of which we have never seen befo­re,” “a Low Ener­gy Indi­vi­du­al,” “He’s back in his base­ment now,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Lies,” “Joe Hiden’,” “Joe Hiden’,” “Joe Hiden’,” “will also rai­se your taxes like never befo­re,” “Sad!” “his poll num­bers are PLUNGING!” “MUST always be weak on crime!” “Slow Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “the guy right now in his base­ment unwil­ling to lead or even speak out against crime,” “he’ll go back to base­ment soon!” “Polls are drop­ping fast,” “very slow reac­tion time,” “cra­zy!” “Ridi­cu­lous!” “He has no clue!” “He will never chan­ge, just words!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Joe allo­ws CRIME!” “Slow Joe,” “merely an aftert­hought,” “Very stran­ge,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slow Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a Tro­jan Hor­se for the Radi­cal Left Agen­da,” “Slee­py Joe,” “the pup­pet of the Left,” “Not­hing mat­ters with him,” “cor­rupt,” “pup­pet,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Cor­rupt,” “You & your child­ren won’t be SAFE in Biden’s Ame­ri­ca,” “Slee­py Joe,” “No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s Ame­ri­ca!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Cor­rupt Joe,” “spied on my cam­pai­gn,” “cri­mi­nal,” “Cor­rupt,” “will make you very poor, FAST!” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “He has no clue,” “Cor­rupt,” “He knew the que­sti­ons and still couldn’t ans­wer them,” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “a Low IQ,” “Slee­py Joe is defini­te­ly a Low IQ per­son!” “Cor­rupt,” “Cor­rupt,” “so mor­ti­fyin­gly stu­pid,” “He has no idea,” “Cor­rupt,” “fai­led with Chi­na,” “4 deca­des of betra­y­al, cala­mi­ty and fail­u­re,” “he NEVER did ANYTHING!” “Slee­py Joe,” “a TOTAL FAILURE,” “He ‘bun­gled’ ever­ything that he touched!” “fai­ling gra­des and polls,” “clu­eless hand­ling of the Swi­ne Flu,” “has been a part of every fai­led deci­si­on for deca­des,” “com­ple­te lack of lea­dership,” “He’s weak & shot!!!” “Slee­py Joe,” “refu­ses to lea­ve his base­ment ‘sanc­tua­ry’,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “can never escape his Crime Bill!” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “has been in poli­tics for 40 years, and did not­hing,” “he pre­ten­ds to have the ans­wers. He doesn’t even know the que­sti­ons,” “has been poli­ti­cal­ly weak all of his life,” “Sleep Joe,” “Joe doesn’t know anything,” “he is clu­eless,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “hand­ling of the H1N1 Swi­ne Flu was a com­ple­te and total dis­a­ster,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe’s poor work ethic,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Nobo­dy in 50 years has been WEAKER on Chi­na,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “was asleep at the wheel,” “SLEEPY JOE WILL NEVER GET YOU THERE,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “can­not bring us to great­ness,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “has given you not­hing, and never will,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “not even a fac­tor,” “a tired, exhau­sted man,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden.”,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “an easy mark,” “a dis­a­ster in hand­ling the H1N1 Swi­ne Flu,” “dis­astrous appro­val num­bers,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe’,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “doesn’t know whe­re he is, or what he’s doing,” “I don’t think he even knows what office he’s run­ning for,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py,” “Slee­py Joe,” “a Radi­cal Left non­be­lie­ver, who wants to take your reli­gi­on & your guns,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py and Very Slow,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Croo­ked Bidens,” “Croo­ked dad­dy,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “By the way, the Bidens were cor­rupt,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “being pro­tec­ted by the Media,” “Slee­py Joe,” “doesn’t have a clue!” “Does any­bo­dy real­ly belie­ve he is mental­ly fit to be pre­si­dent?” “Joe doesn’t have a clue!” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Sooo Boring,” “our Coun­try will do poor­ly with him,” “Slee­py Joe,” “will lead us into an eco­no­mic sink­ho­le the likes of which we have never seen befo­re,” “Slee­py Joe,” “the Slee­py One,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “admit­ted he worked with segre­ga­tio­nists,” “Joe Biden is a recla­ma­ti­on pro­ject. Some things are just not sal­va­ge­ab­le,” “He deser­ted our mili­ta­ry our law enfor­ce­ment and our health­ca­re,” “Added more debt than all other Pre­si­dents com­bi­ned. Won’t win!” “Slee­py Joe,” “exhau­sted,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “is drawing flies not peop­le to his ral­lies,” “Slee­py Joe,” “low IQ idi­ot,” “low IQ indi­vi­du­al,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “will not have a chan­ce of being elec­ted,” “Swamp­man,” “a low IQ indi­vi­du­al,” “Swamp­man,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe Biden,” “Slee­py Joe,” “let Chi­na get away with “mur­der!”,” “Slee­py­Cree­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Fake News,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “not very bright,” “Slee­py Joe,” “Slee­py Joe,” “I only hope you have the intel­li­gence, long in doubt, to wage a suc­cess­ful pri­ma­ry cam­pai­gn,” “Slee­py Joe,” “got tongue tied over the wee­kend,” “unab­le to pro­per­ly deli­ver a very simp­le line,” “ano­t­her low I.Q. indi­vi­du­al!” “Cra­zy Joe,” “try­ing to act like a tough guy,” “Actual­ly, he is weak, both mental­ly and phy­si­cal­ly,” “He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, cry­ing all the way,” “Don’t threa­ten peop­le Joe!” “not very bright” 

In der Ein­lei­tung zu ihrem Buch “The Dan­ge­rous Case of Donald Trump” hiel­ten die Ver­fas­ser unter ande­rem fest: “Es gibt Men­schen, die immer noch die Hoff­nung hegen, dass die­ser Prä­si­dent zur Ver­nunft gebracht wer­den kann und sein erra­ti­sches Ver­hal­ten zügeln kann. Unse­re beruf­li­che Erfah­rung legt das Gegen­teil nahe.”

Im Rück­blick auf die vier Jah­re Trump’scher Prä­si­dent­schaft kann man nur fest­stel­len, dass sie recht behal­ten haben. Hat­ten sie aber auch Recht mit der fol­gen­den Feststellung?:
“Macht kor­rum­piert nicht nur, son­dern ver­grö­ßert auch bestehen­de Psy­cho­pa­tho­lo­gien, selbst wenn sie neue schafft. Geför­dert durch die Schmei­che­lei­en von Unter­ge­be­nen und die Gesän­ge von Men­schen­men­gen, kann sich die Gran­dio­si­tät eines poli­ti­schen Füh­rers in gro­tes­ken Grö­ßen­wahn ver­wan­deln. Sozio­pa­thi­sche Züge kön­nen sich ver­stär­ken, wenn der Füh­rer ent­deckt, dass er die Nor­men der Zivil­ge­sell­schaft ver­let­zen und sogar unge­straft Ver­bre­chen bege­hen kann.”

Dar­über mehr in der näch­sten Fol­ge am Frei­tag, den 12. Februar

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